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Name Function Data Sheet Description
BBG-2003 Universal Conversion Engine Data Sheet The Universal Conversion Engine is a stand-alone unit, which provides data format conversion of digital, analog, serial, step, synchro, and resolver signals.
BBG-8000 Serial Card Data Sheet  A 6U VME card supports a synchronous serial channel and a asynchronous serial channel. The unit is designed to provide a conversion of protocols from an asynchronous serial format to a synchronous serial interface.
BBG-RS232/RS422 Serial Converter Data Sheet The RS232/RS422 Serial Converter is used to allow an RS232 interface to communicate with an RS422 interface.
BBG-S2ENET Serial/Network Card Data Sheet  The S2ENET interface card is used to provide access to serial interfaces directly from a 10BaseT or 100BaseT network. The card is designed to allow the storage of web pages, also accessible from a network. This allows the card to provide web based manual pages, help pages, version, configuration information, tracking information, or just remote access to RS-232 serial interfaces.
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