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Integration Solutions

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      • Design Engineering
      • Software Development
      • Systems Integration
      • Environmental Testing
      • Quality Training


           Formally incorporated in 1988, BBG Incorporated is a Virginia based engineering firm (small business classification) with a wide range of experience in electronic design and manufacturing. BBG offers hardware and software design and development services for a complete turnkey solution to product requirements. BBG has developed products for the commercial and military sector in both the domestic and foreign marketplace.


      Current Military and Commercial Services and Capabilities offered by BBG:

      • Customized Product Hardware and Software Development
      • Custom Military and Commercial Interfaces
      • Real-Time System Development in VxWorks, RMX286, VRTX, UNIX, C, and Ada
      • Data Link Communication System Design and Development
      • Printed Circuit Board CAD/CAM


      Current Products include:

      • Synchro and Resolver Interfaces for PCbus and Stand-alone Systems
      • Navigation Interfaces and Systems
      • Radar and Sonar Interfaces
      • Medical devices
      • Military Communication Products
      • Rugged VMEbus and Multibus I Enclosures
      • Tracking Devices
      • Quality Training
      • Water Treatment Devices
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